Sunset at Fujairah

The last boat sails back to the docks of Fujairah. The place, at this time of the year is generally hazy and the mountains are rarely visible, but here, the setting sun creates strong shadows and brings those hills back into sight. I captured this scene twice, in this one, the sea occupies 2/3 rd of the frame and in the other one its the sky tht occupies the maximum portion. Since the reflection of the sun is what gives the picture its look, I decided to stick with this one. The location of the boat is also critical in this frame. There are three more photographs, where the boat is on the lower left hand corner, right on top of the reflection and at the center. When the eye sees a frame, it starts first with the upper left hand side of the frame, I guess that's why the boat seems better in this particular frame.


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This is a terrific photo. Congratulations.

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