Monsoon Arrives

Its evening and the sun has just set in the western sky; Clouds on the horizon herald the arrival of monsoon to the west coast of India

A burning Sunset

The dried tree branches in the foreground give the appearance of a sun on fire.
f/4.5 , 1/2000 sec, ISO-80

Sunset At Anjuna Beach

A picturesque sunset at Goa's Anjuna Beach

Through the Drinking Glass

Glasses were set for an evening party, I saw the sun set through them.

A walk in the clouds

These two photographs were taken at the same time, place and of the same event, yet they are entirely different. The reason being the sun. The upper photograph was clicked when the sun was behind the clouds while the lower one has the sun descending below the clouds which painted the entire sky with a different hue. Probably a change in the angle of refraction made all the difference. So a patient wait does count in photography.
I used cloudy white balance to click this one.

Dragonfly at sunset

I was trying to get a good shot of this dragonfly and experimenting with various angles on light, when this particular view caught my eye. I did wish the sun would have been a little less brighter, since it wasnt, I let the focus be on the dragon fly and the sun formed only a background.

Fishing At Sunset

A fisher man spreads his net at dawn, photographed in the Persian Gulf. The two main objects in the frame are located at two critical spots. The upperleft corner where the eye starts to scan a image and the lower right side, where the scan ends. Since the colour of the sky is dull gray, both these subjects standout gracefully. I have used a small aperture so that the entire frame is sharply in focus.
f/8, 1/30sec,

Searchlight Sunset

Both the photographs are of the same place, but captured on two different days. It just shows how the same location can be made to give a different drama to the photograph by playing around with time. In the upper frame, the sun is right behind the searchlight and only the colours of the sky lighten up the frame. The lower photograph tells a story of man's light verses that of nature.
f/8 ; 1/320 sec; iso 80.

Sunset at Fujairah

The last boat sails back to the docks of Fujairah. The place, at this time of the year is generally hazy and the mountains are rarely visible, but here, the setting sun creates strong shadows and brings those hills back into sight. I captured this scene twice, in this one, the sea occupies 2/3 rd of the frame and in the other one its the sky tht occupies the maximum portion. Since the reflection of the sun is what gives the picture its look, I decided to stick with this one. The location of the boat is also critical in this frame. There are three more photographs, where the boat is on the lower left hand corner, right on top of the reflection and at the center. When the eye sees a frame, it starts first with the upper left hand side of the frame, I guess that's why the boat seems better in this particular frame.