Golden Sky of Singapore

Sunsets beyond the skyline at Singapore.
Photograph details : f/6.3, shutter: 1/400 , White balance cloudy

Golden Palm

When people ask me what is the best thing to see in Mangalore, I just wonder isn't the sky good enough? Getup early in the morning, stand up under a coconut tree and look up, this is what you will see. It made my day, I am sure it will be the same for you.
Photograph details: f/8 , 1/320 sec. Deliberately underexposed the photograph to get a striking orange sky and dark leaves.

Optical Diamond

The most tempting moment for a photographer at a time like this is to play around with the orange sky. By increasing the aperture value and with faster shutter speed the under-lit photograph will be more eye catching. I have already discussed about flares in earlier posts.
If there is any action during such a time then focusing on the object with a higher aperture will blur the background creating dramatic scenes. In short when u see a sky like this, keep your aperture to the maximum and look around for a action scene.
Photograph detail : f/8 , 1/640 sec.

Rusty Sunset

Photographed at Mangalore, one hour before sundown, to create the silhouette of the clouds used very fast shutter of 1/1000th second (0.001 sec), and the smallest possible aperture possible with my H7, f/8. The sky as actually very bright, but by reducing the exposure value by 2 stops, made the bright sunset a dark rusty one.