Surf at Sunset

This is what you can see when you stroll on a beach at sunset. This photograph is best viewed full scale. Just click on the image to do that.

Spikey Sunset

Found this spiky sea weed on a beach, and formed a good foreground for this Photograph.

Towering at Dusk

Photograph clicked, with Moon setting, with Sony Cybershot camera

Bridging the Sun

Steaming into....

Got this when I was navigating my ship in the calm Mediterranean waters.

Sun looks down upon an urban jungle

Without a Tripod, it was quite an effort to hold the camera steady for this shot..

Sandy Set

Lighthouse at dusk

A Glorious Setting

Life in the fast lane

Clicked this Photograph from a fast train, and was quite a feat holding the camera steady and balancing myself.

Speeding At Sunset