Coloured Sky

Thos is My Favourite Sunset Photograph. Clicked at Singpore, the Colours in the sky create a Riot, i experimented with a lot of exposure values to get a good colour and not to have that boat lost out of frame

Sunset at Singapore

Both these photographs were taken at the same time, the only think i altered was the white balance . From Cloudy to the Lower one to Tungsten in the upper one

Tequila Sunsrise

Beyond The hill

Photographed in the Red Sea.

Forward to Aft

Dusk By A Island

These were the Sister Island in singapore.

Sailing into Dusk

Rays of Light

I love when the sun peeks through the opening in clouds. Managed to photograph these in the South China Sea

Burning Disc

Time For The Lamps To Glow

To genereate the Silhoutte used EV of -2 bcos the camera was overexposing the scene

Sunset By the Ocean

Sunset Disc

A sunset in the Red Sea. The peaks look really tiny compared to the Sun

Cloudy Sunset

Photographed with Sony DSC H7