Cool Sunset

Generally sunsets have very warm colour tones to them, hence this time I wanted to give it a cool, calmly feeling. I clicked three photographs of this scene, with three different WB settings, fluorescent 1 and fluorescent and Cloudy. Cloudy settings gives a saturated warm tone, while the fluorescent settings give the photograph a blue hue, which gives the appearance of a cool sunset here.

Golden Sky of Singapore

Sunsets beyond the skyline at Singapore.
Photograph details : f/6.3, shutter: 1/400 , White balance cloudy

Golden Palm

When people ask me what is the best thing to see in Mangalore, I just wonder isn't the sky good enough? Getup early in the morning, stand up under a coconut tree and look up, this is what you will see. It made my day, I am sure it will be the same for you.
Photograph details: f/8 , 1/320 sec. Deliberately underexposed the photograph to get a striking orange sky and dark leaves.

Optical Diamond

The most tempting moment for a photographer at a time like this is to play around with the orange sky. By increasing the aperture value and with faster shutter speed the under-lit photograph will be more eye catching. I have already discussed about flares in earlier posts.
If there is any action during such a time then focusing on the object with a higher aperture will blur the background creating dramatic scenes. In short when u see a sky like this, keep your aperture to the maximum and look around for a action scene.
Photograph detail : f/8 , 1/640 sec.

Rusty Sunset

Photographed at Mangalore, one hour before sundown, to create the silhouette of the clouds used very fast shutter of 1/1000th second (0.001 sec), and the smallest possible aperture possible with my H7, f/8. The sky as actually very bright, but by reducing the exposure value by 2 stops, made the bright sunset a dark rusty one.

Coloured Sky

Thos is My Favourite Sunset Photograph. Clicked at Singpore, the Colours in the sky create a Riot, i experimented with a lot of exposure values to get a good colour and not to have that boat lost out of frame

Sunset at Singapore

Both these photographs were taken at the same time, the only think i altered was the white balance . From Cloudy to the Lower one to Tungsten in the upper one

Tequila Sunsrise

Beyond The hill

Photographed in the Red Sea.

Forward to Aft

Dusk By A Island

These were the Sister Island in singapore.

Sailing into Dusk

Rays of Light

I love when the sun peeks through the opening in clouds. Managed to photograph these in the South China Sea

Burning Disc

Time For The Lamps To Glow

To genereate the Silhoutte used EV of -2 bcos the camera was overexposing the scene

Sunset By the Ocean

Sunset Disc

A sunset in the Red Sea. The peaks look really tiny compared to the Sun

Cloudy Sunset

Photographed with Sony DSC H7

Golden rays, Golden sand

The sun is a tad too bright in this picture, would have preferred a few clouds here, but that's nature. The sand soaks in the golden rays of the sun.