Sun looks down upon an urban jungle

Without a Tripod, it was quite an effort to hold the camera steady for this shot..


crylin_ferns said...

hey same neat wrk , i luvd da urban jungle one da mst sumthg abt adt pic dat catches ur eye simply amazin foll by towrn at dusk , bringin da sun n spikey sun well da last one was rathr unusal n very intrstin , in fact all of them r really gud but yeh am biased to a fw of them do kp postin on da sunset community . wic is ur fav pic by da way ?

Gauri said...

All your pictures in the sunset section are good, but I love this one best. The picture tells a story. Every ray falls on an individual building and I love that. Love the composition, love the silhouettes of the building, love it all. Great picture!